Wine Recommendations for Anniversaries and Special Occasions

Anniversaries can be excellent occasions to open special bottles of wine. But if you want to buy wine now for later anniversaries, consider how the wine will be stored.

“Wines demand constant cool temperatures, darkness and proper humidity. Most overheated, dehumidified American houses aren’t up to the task without the purchase of an (expensive) wine storage unit,” according to an article in The Bradenton Herald (6/9/05). Most under-the-counter wine coolers won’t work for long-term storage either, because they aren’t designed to maintain constant temperatures and humidity within precise tolerances, and their motors cause too much vibration.

With proper wine storage, you’ll be able to buy wines for your 10th anniversary at the same time you buy wines for earlier occasions. “The selection will be broader and the prices cheaper,” according to the article.

Click on the importance of wine storage to read more about proper wine storage and aging. To view the complete article from The Bradenton Herald, including suggested wines for important anniversaries and special occasions, click on Herald Today

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