Taking the High Road

We received – unsolicited – the following email exchange that a prospective customer had with the folks at one of our competitors:

Competitor: Hello, I will forward drawings on Monday, look forward to working with you on this project. Thank you

Customer: Thanks. Question on the WhisperKool, which unit is it? and how does it handle excessive ambient humidity? I.e. drip pan .. etc

Competitor: The unit is a UL 1200 with quiet fans, there is a heating element in the compressor fan to evaporate excessive moisture. No drain line is required.

Customer: I found the following on Goggle search for WhisperKool 1200:


Hello all,

I am looking for some advice on a Wine Storage unit I’m having trouble with. I purchased a Vinotheque (Villa Series; model 330) about 4 years ago. It worked just fine for about 2 years, then the cooling system failed (it ran, but did not cool). Even though it was beyond the 1-year warranty, they sent me a replacement, and I installed it (sent them the non-working unit back). Now, 2 years later, the same thing has happened (it runs, but does not cool). I called their customer service again (not really expecting them to offer a replacement); and they have a “Customer Care Program” to exchange the 1000 BTU with another for about $750 (plus shipping). They also offered, for the same price to send a 1200 BTU unit. I just not sure I want to spend $800 each two years to “maintain” my Vinotheque.

I would expect a quality Wine Storage to work correctly for at least 10 to 15 years, even longer since it’s not located in a harsh environment. Has anyone else had experience with WhisperKool cooling units; either good or bad? Does anybody think that these can be repaired at a reasonable cost?

I’m struggling with the choices of either getting an exchange unit or just scrapping the whole thing and getting something else.

Thanks for any and all suggestions. Also are there any other forums where I might read about others’ experiences with Wine Storage Cabinets.


Competitor: This is a planted email, by my competitors. These emails are planted by Le Cache / Breezeaire cooling system. They are there to discourage customers from Vinotheque, and sway them to their less expensive models. People buy Vinotheque for the reputation and service. That’s why my competitors attack me there, it’s obvious they can’t touch the craftsmanship (when seen in person). Our warranty is 2 years are parts and labor and shipping, 5 years on the compressor. The man below doesn’t put his name or email, if he did I would look up the history . We document every sale and any warranty history. Even the last line below is a “winner”. The statement is baiting customers to write a bad or frustrating experience. Happy customers won’t take the time to respond, generally. One last note is we sale wine cellar WK units ( 1600, 3000, 4200, 6000, 8000, SS4000, SS8000 and the Extreme series) also WK units for cabinet ( 1000 BTU, 1200 BTU, 1200BTU UL approved , 2300 BTU). Why I know it’s a plant is the open-ended sentence— “Has anyone else had experience with WhisperKool cooling units; either good or bad? Does anybody think that these can be repaired at a reasonable cost?” this man is trying to bring in the Cellar WKs to confuse the reader, these units are the flat best that’s why the T.W.E still offers are product even though it has replicated it in China as “Grand Cru”. Cellars need to be built with insulated doors and vapor barriers ect, ect (on website), Customers and contractors sometimes cut corners or use the WK in the wrong application( vent to outside, cement walls ect, ect). If it fails, we are there to trouble shoot it and correct the unit or replace it. Problem is sometimes we find out the end user has disregarded how to install( manual) the unit or built a substandard cellar. We point this out to them and they blame our unit, they have the same problem over and over again with other cooling systems and eventually come to the same conclusion. Now at that point who goes back and amends their email from the year before, and says they were wrong. If you had this man’s email I would like to respond to him. If I knew his last name? I would be able to determine what he is saying is true and as I suspect a planted email. I have many customers I can refer to you as to my quality and warranty, If you like I will see if I can give you there email address? We have been in business for over 27 years, in 2001, Mr. Schneider brought the company ( formally Nordicorp). He has spent a fortune in product development, to keep us #1. I hope you choose to buy Vinotheque, my personal cell #209-###-####, my home # is 209-###-####. I know of no other Sales Mgr that believes in his product that much he would do that….. I do!

Customer: To the contrary of what you have said, I was routed by Le Cache to Vinotheque because they could not match my stain. Here is an E-mail from Le Cache Customer service:

We would need a wood sample to try to match a cabinet. From the picture, it looks like the lot of cabinets with our lightest Provincial stain would be a good match. We have these cabinets in the mission style (credenza, 1400 and 2400) and the Contemporary credenza. It is likely that the other cabinets would be too dark to match your stain.

If matching your stain is a priority, you may want to consider purchasing a wine cabinet from Vinotheque. They are a competitor, but their products are well regarded and they will be able to match stain colors for you.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Customer Service
Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets
531 Mercantile Drive Cotati, CA 94931
(P) 877.532.2243 • (F) 707.794.8005

Competitor:That is unusual, never happened in the last four years?

Customer: Can you then build a unit using a CellarPro wine cooling unit?

Competitor: Unfortunately we do not do that, but I do recommend them.


We have never “planted an email” about a competitor, and it’s pathetic that the competitor dismisses the online customer’s problems by blaming Le Cache. We are too busy managing our own businesses to waste time creating and planting phony emails.

On our site, we compare wine cabinets from Le Cache vs. Vinotheque, EuroCave, SubZero, Vinotemp and WCI. These comparisons are meant to highlight the differences between the wine cabinets, such as features, bottle capacity, size and price.

When you call Le Cache and CellarPro, we will give you our honest advice and opinions, even if it means that you purchase a competitor’s product. Guaranteed.

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