Happy New Years!

kcnewyearscork New Year’s Eve is almost here. It’s time to celebrate the end of not only this year, but of this decade. And to paraphrase Prince, “Tonight we’re gonna party like its 2009.” Hmm, that doesn’t roll off the tongue as gracefully as the original lyrics. Anyway, if you haven’t already watched my video on champagne etiquette, you still have time to learn how to do it properly before tomorrow night and not waste a bunch of bubbly like in this picture.

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It’s been a great year thanks to you, our customers. So much has happened and this is a great time examine what we’ve done and make plans for the future. We have some exciting things planned for this upcoming year but what I really need is some help on our blog. Am I writing about things that interest you? Are there things that I should be writing about? I invite you to take a short easy survey about our blog and give us some feedback. And to add a little incentive, if you answer our questions and leave your email address, we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $25 gift card for wine or merchandise from International Wine Accessories.

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