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I’m talking wine cellar racks and cooling units. Why, what did you think I was talking about? ;) I know that around this time of the year everyone’s attention is focused on gifts for the holidays. But have you considered giving a wine cellar for a gift? I know I would be thrilled to get something as simple as this in a card for Christmas:


Although it doesn’t seem like much, for me, it means I would have my wife’s blessing to actually convert that old pantry space into a real climate-controlled wine cellar. While I’m at it, let’s consider what having a wine cellar means.

cat_vintnerRacking Aside from having a space to store wines that you want to save and drink later, a wine cellar is a serious statement of your appreciation of wine. After all, you’ve now devoted a special place in your home just to store it properly. If you’re like me, storage is a premium in my house and making the decision to convert usable storage space to a space just for wine means needing to rearrange or donate things that were kept there before. It’s not as bad as it sounds and it really is worth it.

A built-in cellar also elevates your home’s status, even if it’s a double-wide prefab home. (Don’t laugh, I’ve heard of people who have done it.) Today, lots of custom-built homes include a built-in wine cellar as a feature. Converting a closet, pantry or space in the basement of your current home to a wine cellar lends a bit of elegance and sophistication normally found only in custom homes. Plus, it prevents baldness, um, highly unlikely; helps you lose weight, doubtful; is tax-deductible, possibly illegal; will add to the value of your home, definitely. That much I’m sure of.

So you see, there are many great reasons to consider a wine cellar for a gift. It’s not as crazy as it initially sounds. IWA has lots of options for your cellar, from small freestanding cellars to custom racking and cooling units for an entire room. To give you a little inspiration, in our next installment on this subject, I’ll show you how, Jim, one of our own wine consultants built a custom cellar literally from the ground up.

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