$100 Gift Certificate

We gave away our first $100 gift certificate to Melanie C. yesterday for recommending that we offer Acro Tacks on our site.

Here’s what Melanie had to say:

“My husband and I had some custom storm windows made for our restored lake house and the carpenter found these great little number tacks to keep track of the old fashioned windows. As soon as he saw them, my husband thought they’d be great for numbering our bins in the wine cellar. We had our carpenter get a set and they work great! We loved them so much we got 11 more sets to give away at our Christmas party, they were a smash!

The package said Acro Tacks and I seem to remember that the company was somewhere n the mid-west, (Ohio?).

Let me know what you think!”

It’s easy money!  Simply recommend a wine accessory or related item that we don’t currently offer on this site, and we decide to add the item, we’ll send you a gift certificate for $100 that you can use to purchase anything on our site!

So what are you waiting for?

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