Custom Wine Cellar Examples

Here are a few great examples of custom wine cellars. If you’re looking for some practical tips, be sure to check out the other article in this series, Custom Wine Cellar – Step-by-Step.

A Great Closet Conversion

Barry Southard is a man of many talents. Besides throwing pottery, baking and planting a vineyard (as if that isn’t enough), Barry is pretty handy around the house and converted a very unusual small closet space under the stairs of his house into a beautiful wine cellar that not only preserves his wines, but showcases them in grand style. Not only did he have to work around providing access to crawl spaces leftover from the original closet, he also had to deal with the unusual angles under the stairs. Here’s a few before and after photos of his wine cellar.

Original closet door Original closet with access to crawl space Drywall removed, looking up at the underside of the stairs
Looking down (note the vapor barrier around the studs) The finished cellar with insulated glass door & sidelight Inside the cellar. The small access door holds one of his pots.
Racks angle up to use all the space Vintage View rack combined with traditional wood racks BreezeAir 2200 with airflow diverted upwards
Barry emerges from the crawl space. Plan view Side elevation view

Ron Gaffe’s Fabulous Wine Room

Ron’s wife gave him a wonderful birthday gift—a wine room with storage, seating for four and a lockable door. She ordered the racks from IWA and found some terrific old doors at an architectural warehouse. One was cut down the middle for a base for the wine racks and the other placed on higher legs for a counter to open and serve wine. The walls of the room are finished in a copper-toned Venetian plaster, making the room cozy and warm. These photos show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a wonderful spot to store and serve wine.

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  1. Cellar Conversion
    March 20, 2010 at 13:19 #

    I think Barry Southard has very good talent on the designing as well as in some other fields too.

  2. Custom Wine Racks
    May 17, 2010 at 05:38 #

    After visit this post I must say that Barry Southard has set up very good wine racks. I like to see these racks. I think that if we have make this type of wine racks than we will surely increase value of our house.

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