Custom Wine Cellars, Part 1

At what point does someone go from being a wine drinker to a wine collector? When they decide to build a custom wine cellar. So why would you ever need a wine cellar? Does this sound familiar to you?

  1. It’s the weekend, let’s visit some tasting rooms.
  2. Mmm, I really like this wine.
  3. Let’s get a case of it.
  4. I’m joining their wine club.
  5. Drive to the next place.
  6. Repeat 2 – 5.
  7. Next free weekend, repeat 1 – 6.

Do that a few times and pretty soon that standalone wine cellar is full and you’re stacking boxes of wine in the garage. Well, at least until summer arrives. Then what? You don’t want all that great wine to go bad from the heat of summer, do you? Which is why now, in the dead of winter, is a great time to start planning for your built-in cellar to have it ready by this spring.

A built-in cellar can be as elaborate as converting the entire basement, to as straightforward as converting a closet or pantry. Since I’m at that point of having repeated the above steps 1 – 6 several times and have boxes of wine in the garage, I started doing a little research for my own cellar and found a great resource right here at work.

Jim V. works here as one of our Wine Consultants. Like all of our wine consultants, he’s an expert on wine cellars, racking systems and cooling units. But Jim has taken his knowledge a step further by building his own wine building. This is beyond just a cellar. Jim actually built an insulated temperature-controlled wine storage building in his backyard. Wow! Now that’s someone who loves his wine. Click on his photos of the construction and the finished cellar to see a larger image.

Doesn’t that just inspire you to start your own custom wine cellar? Your cellar doesn’t have to be this large or elaborate. In part 2, I’ll show you a cellar made from an existing space along with an overview of planning your own cellar and what you’ll need to consider.

If you have pictures of a cellar project or would like to share your experiences, leave us a comment or shoot us an email with your photos.

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