Do I Need a Custom Wine Cellar?


  1. It’s the weekend, let’s visit some tasting rooms
  2. Mmm, I really like this wine
  3. Let’s get a case of it
  4. I’m joining their wine club
  5. Let’s drive to the next vineyard

Do any of these sound familiar? Soon cases of wine stack up in the garage and closets, and your stand alone wine cabinet will fill up. When summer arrives, all that wine will be in jeopardy of spoiling. Built-in cellars do not need to be elaborate, they can be as straightforward as converting a closet, or large, filling an entire basement.

IWA wine consultants are experts on cellars, racking systems and cooling units, whether simple or elaborate. See case studies of residential cellars we have created or call (800) 527-4072 x1 for a complimentary consultation.

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