Bottle Capacity Games…

Question: Which wine cabinet do you think has higher wine bottle capacity:

Cabinet A:   71w x 31.5d x 40h (inches)

Cabinet B:   68w x 29.5d x 40h

Answer: You would think that the larger cabinet would have higher bottle capacity, right? In fact, the manufacturer of wine cabinet A advertises capacity for 174 bottles and the manufacturer for wine cabinet B advertises capacity for 284 bottles – fully 63% higher than wine cabinet A!

So what gives? Well, for one thing, Le Cache (the manufacturer of wine cabinet A) has bottle spacing to accommodate large-format bottles. Our spacing is 3 3/4″ in each and every cell. Americave, the manufacturer of wine cabinet B, has tighter spacing – they claim 3 1/2″ – so if you divide the width of each cabinet by the cell space, cabinet B would gain 1 column of space – roughly equivalent to 20 bottles of additional capacity.

So where is the space for the other 90 bottles? We don’t know!! But if you’re considering the purchase of a wine cabinet or credenza from Americave (aka Vintage Series and Estate wine cabinets), make sure you ask the right questions – otherwise, you’ll have far less capacity than you bargained for – and by the way, did the salesman mention that all sales of Americave, Vintage Series and Estate wine cabinets are final? And it takes 8-12 weeks to build? And they use Breezaire cooling units?  And it’s almost $1000 more expensive than the Le Cache wine credenza?  Maybe higher price is related to the higher bottle count….

Good luck!

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