Danby and U-Line Wine Coolers – Performance Tests

compare-wine-cooler-danbyWe currently offer U-Line and Danby wine coolers, and wanted to see how well these wine coolers perform in a head-to-head competition.

Danby DWC518BLS – Temperature and Humidity Performance

U-Line 2275ZWCS – Temperature and Humidity Performance

By and large, both wine coolers did a fine job of maintaining proper and consistent wine storage temperatures in both the upper (warm) and lower (cold) zones.  Both wine coolers look great, are super quiet and have minimal vibration when running. As shown in the charts, Danby’s wine cooler failed the humidity test, maintaining humidity around 40 percent inside the wine cooler (60 percent is ideal for proper wine storage and aging.)  On the other hand, U-Line’s wine cooler did an excellent job of maintaining appropriate humidity levels at an average of 59 percent inside the wine cooler.

U-Line’s wine cooler is more powerful than Danby’s wine cooler, with a bigger compressor and almost double the refrigerant charge.  U-Line’s wine cooler also is more energy efficient than Danby’s wine cooler, by approximately 25 percent.  And U-Line’s wine cooler is made in the USA, whereas Danby’s wine cooler is made in China.

If you plan to use the wine cooler to store and age wine for 2+ years, humidity becomes an increasingly important issue.  Also, if you plan to “build in” your wine cooler, U-Line is perceived as a higher-value brand, and probably will create more resale value. But if you are planning to use the wine cooler simply for chilling and serving your wine, the price / performance combination of Danby’s unit can’t be beat.

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