Glassbusters: Only the Strong Survive

If you’ve shopped for stemware lately, you’ve probably seen plenty of claims for who has the strongest or most break-resistant glasses. With terms such as magnesium-infused and titanium crystal, how do you really know what to believe. Well, here at the IWA Testing Labs, we decided to put our own Ultima stemware and the big name in the industry, Riedel, to the test with simple, real-life scenarios.

Granted, we don’t have the scientific testing capabilities as do some glass manufacturers with lots of weighted balls, hydraulics and deflection scales, but we think you’ll be able to better relate to our real-world tests. That, and we just wanted to break stuff. So watch the video; you may be surprised by the results. Oh, and if you’re interested in buying some stemware after watching this, just follow this link to the stemware section of the IWA website. We offer all sorts of crystal and glassware for every need and budget.

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