You really need this…you do!

I’m really a gadget guy and this is a neat gadget for yourself, or a gift for a spouse or a friend. It’s the SoWine Home Wine Bar by Transtherm. Not only does it automatically extract the air from an opened bottle of wine allowing you to preserve it for up to 10 days, it also keeps it at the correct serving temperature. No pumping, no special stoppers, no expensive gas canisters to buy. Simply put your opened bottle in the compartment and push down on the vacuum cylinder. SoWine does the rest with no on-going expense.

It has two compartments that are individually controlled, so you could put an unopened bottle of white wine to chill in one compartment while you save an opened bottle of red wine in the other. Both individually kept at their proper temperature. Watch the video to find out more. Get one for yourself and stop throwing away wine from opened bottles. Hey, this thing will pay for itself in the wine you save.

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