Take it off…

The wine label, that is. Saving wine labels is a great way to remember a special bottle of wine or a special occasion. Besides, it takes up a lot less space than saving the bottle. However, in the past, it was painstaking work to remove a label from a bottle intact using a razor blade. Well, now there’s a better way. Here’s a video demonstrating how to remove a wine label from a bottle and save it using a popular product we sell called, Labeloff. It’s a special super-sticky film that’s designed specifically to remove the printed part of wine labels, separating and peeling it from the adhesive part, but you’ll see exactly what I mean in the video.

Have you used Labeloff before? What was your experience? Let us know what you liked or didn’t like about this product. Oh, and one more thing. The video has several continuity errors. The first three people who comment and name just one of them that hasn’t already been pointed out, will receive a free 10-label package of Labeloff. Please, only one error per person.* We want to give others a chance to win too. So watch that video again, study it closely and submit your guess. Best of luck to you.

*Employees of IWA and VWE are prohibited from guessing. The decision of the judges are final. Only one prize per person.

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