CellarPro vs. Whisperkool: Are you Kidding?

I spoke with a customer yesterday who was trying to decide between CellarPro’s 4200VSi and Whisperkool’s Platinum Extreme 4000 wine cooling units. We first spoke last week, then he spoke with Scott at Whisperkool, and then he called us again yesterday.

The customer – a contractor – is building a wine cabinet inside a butlers pantry for his client, and he needs a cooling unit that can be located remotely and ducted. Initially he considered the CellarPro 1800 wine cooling unit, but these units can’t be ducted. So we talked about the CellarPro 4200VSi wine cooling unit, which CAN be ducted, and has the added advantage of variable speed fans. Because the wine cabinet is a small space, the low fan speed should be enough to maintain optimal wine storage conditions inside the cabinet, which is great news because the low fan speed is SO QUIET at 53 decibels. In comparison, Whisperkool cooling units have just one fan speed:  LOUD.  Whisperkool’s 4200 XLT emits 63 decibels, and Whisperkool’s Platinum Extreme 4000 cooling unit emits 67 decibels.  Yikes!  To compare the different cooling units, view our Cooling Unit Comparison Chart.  To view the different sound levels, click on our Cooling Unit Sound Performance Chart

After we spoke last week, the customer called Whisperkool to learn about their products.  According to the customer, when he asked Scott at Whisperkool about the variable speed fans on CellarPro cooling units, Scott replied that, “According to CellarPro’s Owner’s Manual, they do not recommend using the low fan speed.”


Here’s the deal:  we have three fan speed settings, and each one produces a certain amount of BTU per hour (BTUH).  You can use the low, medium or high setting – whichever is most appropriate for your cellar.  To guide you, we published a thermal load chart at 55 degrees and a thermal load chart at 60 degrees, so you can calculate the thermal load of your cellar and see which fan setting will work for you.

Not only are CellarPro’s wine cooling units quieter than Whisperkool’s cooling units, they are less expensive (up to $1,000) with  more features and variable speed fans to suit most applicationsAt CellarPro, we’re committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.   We won’t feed you silly arguments to sell you our products.  Our goal is for you to make the right decision.  You can count on it!

Postscript: The contractor purchased the CellarPro 4200VSi cooling unit – and his client loves the cooling unit!

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