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It’s summer and just about anywhere you go now, it’s HOT! And if it’s hot for you, it’s even worse for your wine. My previous article on Wine Storage said that temperature is the single most important factor in storing your wine. These soaring temperatures are a good reminder for you to get that wine cellar started. If you’re thinking of creating your own wine cellar, then you’ve probably read our previous series of articles on Custom Cellars, and if you haven’t, you should. In those articles, I talk about the most important component of your wine cellar…well, aside from the wine, of course. It’s your cooling unit.

IWA offers many cooling units, so many, in fact, that it could be difficult to decide which one to get. Well, set aside those anxieties; I’m here to help. First let’s categorize them. It’s easy to sort them by price online if you’re on a tight budget and cost is the most important factor. Or you could sort by the size of your cellar and narrow things down that way. But what about arranging them by Good, Better & Best. You know that if you go and buy a car, you’re going to have a different experience with owning a Chevy versus a Toyota versus a Mercedes. Each car manufacturer has different prices, levels of service, quality, reliability and overall satisfaction. The same can be said for wine cooling units.


If your needs are pretty basic, your budget is tight and the space you’re cooling is small, then the Koolspace units are the answer. It’s no frills, basic cooling that is quiet, small and energy efficient. So small in fact, that you could easily mount this in the space above the cellar door.

Koolspace koolR


The next step up are the Breezaire units. These units are great if you have a larger space, or desire a split system that separates the evaporator from the condensor, without costing more than your wine collection.



These manufacturers are the top-of-the-line in terms of reliability, customer service and overall satisfaction. They’ll service from small cabinet sized cellars all the way up to large room-sized cellars as well as those wine cellars in extreme conditions. They’re also some of the quietest and most energy efficient units around. Plus, these units have the bells and whistles you want with some optional accessories available including probes, remote displays and controls, and outside condenser housings. They’re listed here by the size space they can cool, from small to large.




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You don’t have to make this decision on your own. We’re here to help every step of the way. Give our cellar consultants a call at 800-527-4072 and they can help you find the perfect cooling unit for your cellar, plus helpful advice for your installation.

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  1. Bob Leach
    July 24, 2010 at 11:26 #

    I am going to put in a small cellar (approx. 175 cubic feet) under my stairs. The storage space is adjacent to our walk-in pantry in the middle of the house. When building the pantry I had the builder cut and frame a 24″ door opening for access to the future cellar. It is a tiled and finished area. The problem is there are no ducts or a/c vents in either the cellar area or the pantry so my choice of cooling units seems to be limited. I am not opposed to cutting a hole in the wall between the cellar and pantry. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob

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