Great things come in small packages

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in or close to California wine country. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sample wines without spending a fortune. With our mini tasting kits, you can taste all of the best wines we have to offer without having to buy, and open, an entire 750mL bottle of wine or make a trip out to our tasting room here in California.

Sonoma Coast Vineyards offers some of the best Pinot Noir you will ever taste. We’ve taken the very best of what SCV has to offer and, for less than the cost of one full-sized bottle of any of these wines, you get a generous taste of six different and elegant wines from SCV. By using a breakthrough zero-oxygen technology, you get the same experience of our wine from a 750mL bottle in this diminutive, 50mL size. What a great way to try SCV wines with minimum risk, yet with the full aroma and flavor as a full-sized bottle. Order your mini tasting kit soon, though; we didn’t produce many of them and I certainly would hate for you to be disappointed.

Each mini bottle kit comes with tasting notes and vineyard information for each wine. The SCV Tasting Kit contains six 50mL (1.67 oz.) bottles of the following SCV varietals:

  • 2008 Antonio Mountain Chardonnay ($40/bottle)
  • 2008 Salmon Creek Pinot Noir ($50/bottle)
  • 2008 Bodega Ridge Pinot Noir ($50/bottle)
  • 2008 Petersen Vineyards Pinot Noir ($50/bottle)
  • 2008 Balistreiri Vineyards Pinot Noir ($75/bottle)
  • 2007 Occidental Road Syrah ($35/bottle)

Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at blending a wine, like one of our winemakers. Girard Winery has just the mini kit especially for you. Our Girard Mini Bordeaux Blending Kit allows you to create your own blend using five 50mL bottles of the traditional Bordeaux varietals select by acclaimed winemaker, Marco DiGiulio. To complete your mini wine lab (and to satisfy your inner science geek), we’ve included a funnel and two graduated cylinders so your measurements are precise. And, to see how well you do, there’s also a 50mL bottle of Girard Artistry so you can compare your blend to our blend.

Each Girard Mini Bordeaux Blending Kit contains a 50mL (1.67 oz.) bottle of each of the following:

  • 2007 Girard Artistry, Napa Valley
  • 2007 Girard Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
  • 2007 Girard Merlot, Napa Valley
  • 2007 Girard Petite Verdot, Napa Valley
  • 2007 Girard Malbec, Napa Valley
  • 2007 Girard Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley

To get the most out of your tasting or wine blending, be sure you have the proper stemware and accessories from IWA. Check out our selection from the biggest names in glassware such as Reidel, Speigelau, Ultima and others.

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