Compare Wine-Mate and CellarPro – Both the Same?

I got a funny call from a prospective customer today.  He said that the Wine-Mate  1500 top-vented cooling unit in his Vinotemp cabinet was failing – again – and he was tired of worrying about his wine collection.  He asked, “Will your cooling unit fit in my Vinotemp wine cabinet?”

“Yes, it will fit – perfectly,” I answered.  “So why should I buy your unit?” he asked.  They’re all made by the same manufacturer, right?” 

Hold on there, cowboy.  What did you say?  “Well, that’s what I was told, by someone in the industry.”

So, let’s be clear.  Wine-Mate cooling units are made by the people who bring you Vinotemp.  CellarPro cooling units are made by the people who bring you Le Cache.  The two companies are completely separate and unrelated.  Aside from the dimensions and ventilation of Wine-Mate’s 1500 and CellarPro’s 1800 cooling units, the units are totally different machines, with different components, designs and warranties.  Customer service at the two companies couldn’t be more different.

Do your homework online – it’s not hard to find reviews of both companies .    Or call both companies, and ask questions about the products.  You’ll quickly get a feel for how different the two companies are.  Then decide for yourself!

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