New Product Announcement: CellarPro 3200VSi and 3200VSx

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the CellarPro 3200VSi and 3200VSx wine cellar cooling units.

Offered with the same dimensions and all the same features as our popular 4200VSi and 4200VSx cooling units, the 3200VSi and 3200VSx cooling units are designed for wine cellars ranging from 400 to 800 cubic feet.  The 3200VSi is designed for through-the-wall or ducted use in internal environments, and and the 3200VSx is designed for through-the-wall use in external environments.  (“VS” designates “variable speed”, “i” designates “internal” and “x” designates “external”).

CellarPro 3200VS and 4200VS cooling units are designed to provide optimal performance in extreme temperatures, ranging from 40 to 115 degrees.  In addition, our cooling units provide adjustable humidity control and super-quiet operation (nearly 10 decibels quieter than Whisperkool’s comparable cooling unit at the low fan setting). Our unit offers variable fan speeds so that customers can use low (ie quiet) fan speeds for mild environments, and higher fan settings when conditions require additional BTUs. Visit for detailed performance charts and to compare Whisperkool, Breezaire and CellarPro cooling units.

All CellarPro 3200VS and 4200VS cooling units are loaded with the following standard features and upgrades:

- Designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions (from 40 to 115°F)
- Variable Speed Fans:  allows customers to select between Super-Quiet (54 Decibels at Low Fan Speed) and Maximum Power (66 Decibels at High Fan Speed)
- Advanced Electronic Thermostat
- Adjustable Humidity Control
- Thermostat-Controlled Condensate Evaporator with “On/Off” Switch
- Digital LED Display
- Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
- Multiple Audible and Visual Alarms
- Min/Max Temperature
- Maintenance-Needed Indicator
- Power On/Off Switch
- Auto-Defrost Cycle
- 1/2″ ID Condensate Fitting and Drain Line
- Fully Ductable
- Condenser Air Filter
- Adjustable Mounting Brackets
- Dual Power Source – Front or Rear
- High-Performance Compressor
- Oversized Coated Evaporator Coils
- Dual High-Output Centrifugal Fans
- Stainless Steel Drain Pan
- Removable Powdercoated Steel Case
- Rechargeable Refrigerant Schraeder Valve
- Vibration-free Operation
- Compatible with a Dedicated 15-Amp Circuit
- ETL Tested and Certified (UL Standards)

CellarPro is accepting and shipping orders immediately. For more information, contact us via email anytime or call 877.888.9137 during normal business hours.

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