“Shipping and Handling are 2 Different Things” (?!?)

Wifey asked me to find a certain holiday gift for my son, so naturally, I did was a google search for the item, and then clicked on one of the top ads that included the words “Free Shipping”.

To my suprise, when I tried to purchase the item, the site tried to charge me a “handling fee” - call me crazy, but doesn’t that seem wrong?

So I sent an email to the site asking for clarification, and received the following response:

“Sorry.  Shipping and handling are 2 different things.”


At Sonoma Wine Accessories, we won’t play bait and switch games with you.  Our shipping policy is clearly stated on our site, we’ll honor our advertisements, and we’ll pay YOU if if we make a mistake.

You don’t have to settle for second-rate service…`

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