Very Interesting Behavior by a Competitor

One of our competitors recently launched a new (cheap) product line of wine cellar refrigeration equipment under a new name and website, with a different phone number and contact address than their existing brand.  It seems like they don’t want anyone to know that they’re affiliated with the new brand.  Is it because the new brand is low quality and they don’t want to drag down the established brand?   Or maybe they don’t want to cannibalize sales of the established brand?  Or maybe they’re embarrassed because the new brand has a shorter warranty and hard to look at?

Frankly, we don’t understand their logic; nevertheless, we wanted to pass along the following suggestions to our competitor:

  • You forgot to remove the parent name Vinotheque in the warranty.
  • Your reference to Stockton in the warranty gives away your identity.
  • Whisperkool’s phone number is listed in the new site and gives away your identity.
  • It took exactly 27 seconds to lookup the owner of the URL – ie Vinotheque – using whois
  • Even after you clean up your site, give your customers more credit – they will learn your identity no matter what you do

Though the new brand name sounds a lot like CellarPro, that’s where the similarities end.  At CellarPro Cooling Systems, we manufacture advanced wine cellar refrigeration equipment, made in the USA with the finest components and the latest technology, and backed by the best warranty in the industry.   All of our performance results, load calculations, drawings and specs are posted on our site.  We are proud of our products and we have nothing to hide.

To our competitor:  if you feel like hiding from your product, what’s the point??  Anyway, good luck with your new venture!

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