Wine Cellar Refrigeration: Important Information for Split Systems

When installing a split refrigeration system, it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to use the correct size lines, which typically are installed in advance, because once you close the walls, it is very difficult to change these lines.

The most common types of wine cellar refrigeration systems are:

  • Through-the-wall wine cooling units
  • Split systems
  • Ducted systems

Advance planning is required for each of these systems.

  • For through-the-wall cooling units, an opening in the wall must be framed to fit the cooling unit.
  • For split systems, the copper lines that connect the evaporator and condensing units must be installed in the walls.   The size of these copper lines MUST follow the manufacturer’s specifications, otherwise the cooling unit will not perform as advertised.  Click here to view our line sizing chart.    In addition, wiring  between the units may be required (when electronic control is desired), as well as the condensate drain line.
  • Ducted systems require ducting to be installed during the construction phase and cannot easily be added after drywall has been added.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact CellarPro Cooling Systems.

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