Mini Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems – DO YOUR HOMEWORK

CellarPro Cooling Systems recently launched its Mini Split 3000S wine cellar refrigeration system, priced at $2499, for use in wine cellars up to 600 cubic feet.  WhisperKool also sells a Platinum Mini Split, priced at $2495, which is advertised for use in wine cellars up to 500 cubic feet.

We believe WhisperKool’s coils and compressors are undersized, which forces their condensing units to work extra hard and can result in premature failure.  Take a look at the following table:

Manufacturer CellarPro WhisperKool  
Model Mini Split 3000S Mini Split  Difference
Coil Height (inches) 10 7 +43%
Coil Depth (inches) 2.625 1.875 +40%
Coil Length (inches) 11 9 +22%
Coil Fins / Inch 12 14 -14%
Coil Tube OD (inches) 3/8 3/8
Coil Airflow (CFM) 268 94 185%
Compressor Rating @ 45°F SST/130°F SCT (BTUH) 3756 2171  73%
Condensing Unit Rating @ 45°F SST / 95°F Ambient (BTUH)  3170  1930  64%
Calculated Cooling Capacity @ 55°F (BTUH)  2491  1465  70%
Which wine cellar refrigeration system would you choose?  Let us know what you think!

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