Ultima Stemware – Will it Break?

broken wine glass 2 How many glasses have you broken at parties, while hand washing them or simply knocking them over on the counter?  How much money do you spend replacing all those glasses in the long-term?  We think the answer to both of these questions are “a LOT” if you’re using some of the leading high-end European brands.  What if you could have stems that will last longer, are dishwasher-safe while still providing the enhanced sensory attributes expected from exceptional stemware?  Ultima stemware is the answer.

Watch as we demonstrate some basic everyday scenarios in which stemware is broken and compare Ultima stems with the leading European brand.  Please share your breakage scenario in the comments below and we may just test it in our lab and post a video of it here.  It’s not snobby to enjoy wine in good stemware.  It just makes sense.

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One Response to “Ultima Stemware – Will it Break?”

  1. T. Dean McInturff
    January 21, 2012 at 03:57 #

    I purchased 8 of the Burgundy Ultima glasses within the last year from a local wine merchant. Within that year, as of tonight, we have broken 4 of the glasses, three while drying them and one was simply tipped over (empty) on a tile counter top. I bought the Ultima glasses because I had broken two of my Reidel glasses (over a three year period). The Ultima glasses are wonderful to drink from, but I have been very disappointed in the breakage resistance of the glasses.

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