Winemaker Series – Marco DiGiulio

about_marcoHarvest Welcome to Part 1 of our new Winemaker Series.  Our goal with this series is to introduce you to our winemakers via video vignettes and blog posts and have them tell you about the scientific art (or is it artistic science?) of making wine as well more personal insights.  You will want to be sure you are signed up to receive automatic updates via email when the posts are published so you can be the first to watch!  To sign up use the enter your email address in the Subscribe box in the upper right portion of the page.

Marco DiGiulio

Marco has been making wine for close to three decades throughout Napa and Sonoma.  Originally an Engineering student at UC-Davis, Marco decided to return to his family roots, in a matter of speaking, and change his major to Oenology.  Being from an Italian family, wine was, and still is, an important part of his life, much like milk and bread are part of daily life.  It was the ubiquitous nature of wine in his family that almost made him overlook the field altogether, but we are glad that he didn’t.

Early in his career he worked at Pine Ridge, Atlas Peak and Pezzi King wineries prior to moving to Robert Pepi and later Lakoya in 1997, where he took over the reins of ailing winemaker Greg Upton, who passed away that year. The two winemakers’ collaboration yielded a Cabernet Sauvignon that received an unprecedented 98 points in Wine Spectator. It set a standard by which Marco now regularly measures himself.

He is now entering his 11th year with Girard Winery in Napa, recently produced the very popular Jets Uncorked Cabernet Sauvignon and continues to make a small amount of wine under his own label, Marco DiGiulio.


Music and Mood

As you will see in the upcoming video vignettes to be posted in the next couple of weeks, Marco is an aficionado of various styles of music and boasts a huge collection of digital tunes reaching close to 150GB or roughly 40,000 songs.  He has so many selections there are albums that he hasn’t even listened to yet.  He chooses certain songs to match his current mood which is exactly how he decides which style of wine to drink.

When you meet Marco you will notice he is very laid back, calm and consistent.  He has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to talk to.  When you taste his wines you will easily discover how much of an artist Marco is in his own right.  Are you in the mood?

Stay tuned for more…

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