Wine Cooler Inside a Wine Cellar?

Wine cellars are designed to maintain proper wine storage conditions (ie 55-60 degrees & 60-70% humidity), whereas wine coolers are designed to maintain proper wine serving temperatures (ie 55-58 degrees for red wines and 45-48 degrees for white wines).  So, what about putting a wine cooler INSIDE a wine cellar – it’s the best of all worlds, right?

The answer is:  maybe.   Since the wine cooler would be located entirely inside the wine cellar, all of the heat load generated by the wine cooler would go into the wine cellar, and therefore it would need to be included in the box load of the wine cellar.  For a 50-bottle wine refrigerator, the total additional cellar load would be approximately 1000 BTUH, which is not insignificant.

So will it work?  Yes, of course - just make sure that the wine cellar refrigeration system is sized appropriately, and the thermal load is calculated to include the additional heat generated by the wine cooler.

For more information, including box loads assuming various dimensions, construction materials and configurations, please visit our  Cooling Unit Buying Guide, or contact us and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

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