Contractor or Builder Installing a Wine Cellar? We Can Help

We’ve been hearing from more and more contractors and builders who are using IWA’s products and services when installing wine cellars for clients.

If you’re a contractor or builder working on a residential or commercial cellar project, we can help you by taking the guesswork out of cellar performance. We offer:

  • More than 20 different stick, metal and box wine racking products
  • Factory-trained wine storage and cooling experts
  • No-charge equipment sizing (engineered) for optimal cellar performance
  • Glass enclosures, door systems, auto-drop thresholds, flooring and more
  • No-charge designs and revisions
  • Cellar construction recommendations and advice

Here are 3 free ways to get started today:

  1. Need help selecting the right refrigeration system? Complete our thermal load worksheet.
  2. Need designs for a custom cellar? Request wine rack drawings.
  3. Looking for trade discounts? Sign up for a wholesale account.

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