Wine Cellar: Why Is There No Condensate in the Drain Line?

We talk to wine cellar owners daily and some of the topics are questions that come up on a regular basis. This is a popular question on why the your wine cellar cooling unit may not have any condensation visible in the drain line.

I have not seen any condensation coming out of the tube of my wine cellar refrigeration unit. What’s wrong with my cooling unit?

Condensation occurs when cellars aren’t constructed properly.

Proper construction includes a vapor barrier, tight seals and airtight. When cellars aren’t airtight, moist air from the ambient environment infiltrates into the cellar, and causes condensation to occur on the cold evaporator coils. This is the condensation that drains from the drain tube. Lots of condensation means a poorly constructed wine cellar.

If your cellar is properly constructed and airtight, you shouldn’t see much, if any, condensation.

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