Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Delight new wine enthusiasts or captivate seasoned oenophiles with these popular holiday gift ideas.

Wine Lovers Chocolate

Wine Lovers Chocolate

Capture the festive spirit with blended chocolate accenting flavors that pair well with specific varietals such as Cabernet and Pinot Noir. You have to taste it to believe it!

Italesse Vinocchio Decanter Clear Base

Vinocchio Decanter by Italesse

A timeless and stylish decanter that is a centerpiece on its own, designed by Frederico Venier, this piece is a gift for true wine connoisseurs.

Rogar Estate Opener

Rogar Bronze Estate Opener with Stand

Opening a bottle of wine has never been easier with this dramatic one-swing corkscrew. Famed for quality and durability, Rogar features the finest components, inspired by 19th century Americana designs.

Cork Cage Ornaments

Cork Cage Ornaments

Ornaments with whimsical designs and multi-colored glass accents make a wonderful gift for any wine lover, and are perfect for gift giving.


Coravin Model 2 Plus Pack

The latest in wine innovation, with this wine system you can enjoy a glass without opening the bottle. It uses a thin needle to penetrate the cork, drawing wine out without disturbing the seal. This set includes additional replacement Argon capsules and a carry case.


For more gift ideas, including whisky and beer accessories, visit International Wine Accessories.

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