5 Ways To Impress Your Guests This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Wine Glass Writers

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we’ve been busy getting ready by gathering a list of creative ways for you to impress your friends and family this holiday, armed with nothing more than your Wine Glass Writers. If you need ideas to spruce up your table decor, we’ve got you covered. Are you wondering how to help your guests break the ice, we can help you there too.

The following hints and tips are not only simple and budget-friendly but, all of these do-it-yourself ideas will leave you making a “WOW, they thought of everything” impression. Try one or all of the following suggestions to bring your holiday to the next level.

Breaking The Ice

Thanksgiving Wine Glass Writers

There’s nothing more awkward than a group of people who can’t find anything in common, scrolling through Instagram on their mobile phones to avoid making strained conversation. End the struggle by welcoming your guests with a beverage and handing them a Wine Glass Writer to claim their glass and discuss how creative each person has been with their unique art. Instantly, all of your guests have something in common, something to lighten the mood, and obviously, this will have broken the ice.

Here’s what one user had to say: “I absolutely love my Wine Glass Writers! They are the best thing to come into the wine world since wine charms – except Wine Glass Writers are so much better! Bring them out for parties and get-togethers, and no one will forget which glass is theirs. I like using the Wine Glass Writers on glass platters to label hors d’oeuvres or desserts. I also like to get creative and draw pictures on my wine glass- it’s a great ice-breaker! Simply, Wine Glass Writers are the best!”

Assigning Seating

Wine Glass Writer Place Setting

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You know you’ve been there, the host announces that it’s time to eat and everyone stands around the table wondering where to place themselves, worried that they’re going to take someone else’s desired seat, or worse, sit in the hosts spot…yikes! Your guests want to display proper etiquette so help make it easier for them by assigning seating. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you have to get stuffy, spend money on place markers, or search Pinterest for free printable templates, just go grab your Wine Glass Writers.

Chloe, from Boxwood Avenue, holds the motto ‘make guests feel comfortable and special…be effortlessly elegant’. Their blog has a great variety of simple tricks that will make an impact on your guests. Here’s what Chloe suggests regarding assigned seating:

“You might be wondering if it’s necessary to have place settings at a casual dinner party. It’s absolutely not; however, it’s a special touch that shows you put extra effort into making each guest feel cared for. If you’re worried that adding place settings to your dinner will make the night feel a bit stuffy, try a funny quote instead. With the Wine Glass Writer, the possibilities are truly endless.

Wine Glass Writer Thanksgiving

Label Serving Dishes

Labeling serving dishes can come in so handy in more ways than you’d think!

First, labeling each bowl or platter makes it so much easier for your guests to decide if a particular dish is something that suits their palette or eating preferences. It can save a guest the embarrassment of having to ask what something is and then pass on that part of the meal after they’ve drawn attention to themselves. You may also have different styles of cranberry sauce or gravies, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy free options available. Wine Glass Writer makes it so easy to label the dish so people know what they’re taking.

Second, you can save yourself some time and last minute chaos by labeling your serving dishes in advance. Martha Stewart gives this great entertaining tip:

“Seasoned hosts know that in order to entertain successfully, you need to rely on a few time-saving tricks.

When deciding on which dishes to use, set out an assortment of pieces to determine which go best with the food being served as well as with the rest of your table setting. Place a slip of paper on each dish, noting its assigned role, and add the proper utensils. The labels will assist any host’s helpers in carrying out the plans, too.”

Our spin on this great advice? Skip the paper and pen and go straight for your Wine Glass Writers. Now you have prepared ahead of time for serving up your meal and helping your guests out with discerning the type of entree or side dish you have on the table. Two solutions in one!

Dinner Menu

A great touch of class you can add to your dinner party is adding a menu for your guests instead of leaving them wondering what will be served. Sure, everyone assumes there is going to be turkey, but a menu gives the full picture and also adds a nice touch of decor. The question is, how can you do this without adding a huge task to your to-do list.

Style and Cheek has a great list of ideas on their blog for decorating pumpkins. Wait, weren’t we just talking about menus? Yes, stick with us. You can grab a lot of great fall decor ideas from this post however, it was the way they used a pumpkin to display their menu that caught our attention.

“This is a fun way to display a menu, seen here for Thanksgiving, but it could also be used as a drink menu for a Halloween party,” they say.

Of course, you can see that they chose to use Chalkboard paint where naturally we would suggest you skip that messy step and simply grab your Wine Glass Writers and get to work on that pumpkin menu.

Wine Glass Writer Gift

Bring The Host A Gift

So you’re not the one throwing the party? That doesn’t leave you off the hook. Guest rules include not showing up empty handed, staying out of the way, and doing as you’re told.

Bon Appétit has some great tips on how to be the best guest as well as guiding you through what you should bring to one of the greatest meals of the year. As you would suspect, we noticed they gave some suggestions regarding wine, here’s what they had to say:

“The guest should ask the host if there’s a specific type of wine she’d like. White? Try a high-acid Riesling, and bring it chilled. Red? The answer is Pinot Noir.”

Finally, since we know you loved our tips and tricks, adding a wine bottle gift box to the wine you’re bringing is just a no-brainer! When you walk in with this great host/hostess gift you will definitely be the guest with the best.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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