Summer Entertaining for Wine Lovers

Throw a fabulous party for friends, or prepare a romantic evening with that special someone using these 10 ideas for summer entertaining. Whether you are offering a casual BBQ by the pool or gathering around the table in an outdoor kitchen, this is a good place to start your plans.

Party With Friends

Wine n Dine wine glass trays for parties

Wine n Dine Party Plates
If your table and seating space is limited, add a stack of these plates next to the buffet. Guests will be able to slide their wine glass onto the plate itself, while loading up on nibbles or main dishes on its ample 7 1/2 inch space. After the party, toss them into the dishwasher for quick cleanup.

Folding Black Tub Cooler

Folding Black Tub Cooler
Don’t drag out that heavy cooler! Bring this lightweight folding tub outdoors, and move it around as the energy shifts. It can hold up to 72 cans; simply unfold it, add ice, and place your drinks inside. When finished, use the drain plug and wipe down the liner before using again.

Sangria wine glasses

Schott Zweisel Sangria Glasses
Fill up the wide, sturdy glasses with sangria, punch and other colorful summer drinks. They are dishwasher safe, and hold an ample 23 1/2 ounces to get the party started.

French wine carrier

French Wine Carrier
Bring out the wine in this rustic carrier that can hold up to six standard bottles of wine and two votive candles to brighten the festivities when dusk falls.

govino shatterproof wine glasses

govino Shatterproof Stemless Glasses
If you’re worried about dropped glasses, pick up polymer glasses that are perfect for picnics or by the pool. After use, either place them in the dishwasher for another time, or recycle them.

Two’s Company

Canvas Wine & Cheese Tote

Canvas Wine and Cheese Tote
Adventures await with this durable canvas carrier that keeps wine chilled. It comes with an Acacia wood folding table, break-resistant wine glasses, corkscrew and bottle stopper.

Boska Fondue Set

Boska Fondue Set
Fill this delightful yellow ceramic pot with cheese or chocolate, keeping it warm with a tea light in the wood base. Dipping forks are included for 2 to share an unforgettable evening.

Green Marble Chiller
For a personal touch, order this chiller with your names. Crafted from solid marble, it will keep wine chilled during dinner while making a charming centerpiece.

London Cheese & Wine Tote

London 2-Bottle Tote
The padded interior is movable to accommodate different bottle sizes and accessories. With a cutting board, cheese knives and a corkscrew included, it is ready to take out on a relaxing romantic picnic in wine country.

Votive Candelabra

Votive Candelabra
Create a quiet, lovely atmosphere with this votive candelabra that can be placed directly inside a wine bottle to keep it up and off the table. It’s rustic iron finish loops into elegant arms holding the candles for gentle illumination.

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