Top 6 Entertaining Ideas For 2020

Mini Wine Decanters

The “new normal” of socially distanced gatherings have created extra challenges for the host. How is it possible to offer a delicious spread of food and drinks, while keeping guests safe and comfortable? Individual servings are the answer, and IWA has you covered with these miniature entertaining tools to get the party started. Even if you only invite a few friends, they will appreciate the thoughtful presentation.

White Marble Cheese Board

Mini Marble Cheese Boards

These tiny cheese boards are crafted from pristine white marble, and are a fun way for guests to have their own miniature charcuterie spread. The set includes one rectangular shape and one round shaped board. Our Cork Cheese Knives are a playful addition, so that each person can use their own spreader.

Mini Wine Glasses With Crate

Mini Wine Glasses

Our small wine glasses can be used to serve individual snacks and desserts, or for small wine pours. The set of twelve glasses comes with a handy pine serving crate for easily carrying them between locations.

Mini Fondue Sets

Mini Fondue Sets

Add a splash of color with these clay fondue pots that serve warm appetizers or desserts. Each base holds a pot with warming tea light, and comes with a matching dipping fork. Assorted colors in the set of four include red, yellow, black and ivory.

Mini Wine Decanters

Mini Decanters

This set of three small decanters is wildly popular. They can be used for serving wine or for offering snacks like nuts, olives and pretzels. Add bunches of flowers for festive table decor! You can also offer each guest their own Barrel Stave Wine Flight, which is perfect for a wine tasting party.

Plate Clips

Stemware Plate Clips

It is always awkward trying to carry a plate of food and a wine glass; especially if there are not enough small outdoor tables. Plate clips solve this problem by attaching to plates with a handy rest for stemmed wine glasses. Choose from stainless steel with a rubber grip or lightweight plastic clips.

Coravin Wine Access Systems

Coravin Wine Access Systems

If you are entertaining a small group with varying taste in beverages, it may not be worth opening multiple bottles of wine. Rather than worrying about how to preserve leftover bottles, don’t open them to begin with. Coravin wine access systems use a needle to extract wine without disturbing the cork. Simply leave out a choice of wines and a coravin to allow guests choose which one they want in their glass with no fuss. After the evening comes to a close, simply return your bottles to storage.

No need to stress about 2020 entertaining with these miniature serving accessories. View more options at


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