Wine Lover Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Ultima Classic Wine Glasses
Ultima Classic Wine Glasses

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is time to find the perfect gift that will convey your love and admiration. IWA Wine offers a fantastic array of choices for mothers who love wine and entertaining.

Ultima Classic Wine Glasses

Ultima Classic Glasses

Ultima stemware is expertly crafted with quality and durability in mind. They are resistant to chipping, so she doesn’t need to worry about them easily breaking. You can add up to 3-letters for the monogram with a choice of five designs, adding a sentimental personalization to the gift. Other wine varietal glasses are available for etching as well, so you can select the one she will appreciate the most.

Italesse LED Chilling Tub

Italesse LED Chilling Tub

Add the wow factor to her evening wine gatherings with the Italesse LED chilling tub. The base shines a white light through the ice creating a stunning glow. She does not have to leave the gathering for more wine as it holds up to 4 bottles. Made of durable acrylic and 14-inches in diameter, this simply beautiful tub is light in weight. She can chill beverages for the whole family.

Wine Lovers Chocolate Collection

There is nothing like the decadent feel of chocolate melting on your tongue,especially if it is infused with Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, Zinfandel, or Port for an additional splash of tantalizing flavor. This gift comes in six 3.5oz tins of each flavor.

Leather Wine Bags

Leather Wine Bags

Those soccer games and park visits will be much more enjoyable with this stylish leather wine carrier. Choose from black or brown luxurious leather, holding up to 4 bottles of wine.

LED Bottle Party Lights

Wine Bottle Party Lights

Why not set the scene with ambient light for that romantic evening or a holiday party? This gift comes in an assortment of four luminous bottles. They are filled with strings of battery powered LED lights inside. They make the perfect gift for a mom who likes to host little parties or just have quiet evenings on the patio with a glass of wine.

Personalized Ash Plank

Personalized Ash Plank Serving Board

This 36-inch board is fired in a kiln until it reaches this rich chocolate-brown finish. It is hand-made from beautiful ash wood, and this wide plank creates an extravagant charcuterie board when entertaining.

Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company Bar Soap Set

Did you know that wine is an antioxidant? Imagine giving your mother the gift of youthful skin? With this set of six fragrant handcrafted soaps, she can enjoy organic and heavenly baths. The set has Clean-O Noir, Cabernet Soapignon, Figs & Zinfandel, Berry Rose, White Jasmine, and Soapignon Blanc.

Vineyard Sweets Wine Jelly Candy

Indulge her sweet tooth with this packet of 22 jelly candies made from real wine. They are crafted from the favorites: Cabernet Sauvignon, White Merlot, and White Zinfandel. You can add gift wrapping to this and other gifts for that special touch.

Personalized Marble Grape Coasters

Personalized Marble Grape Coasters

Remember all those times you were scolded for not using coasters as a child? It is time to bring them back full circle. These coasters are like having pieces of the Italian countryside on her table. With naturally distressed Botticino marble from Northern Italy, you can personalize the coasters in up to 15 characters.

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