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Contractor or Builder Installing a Wine Cellar? We Can Help

We’ve been hearing from more and more contractors and builders who are using IWA’s products and services when installing wine cellars for clients. If you’re a contractor or builder working on a residential or commercial cellar project, we can help you by taking the guesswork out of cellar performance.  We offer: More than 20 different stick, [...]

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Image: Woman Drinking Wine in Bar on Laptop

Learn About Wine Online: Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Pages to Follow

Wine lovers of all experience levels will find something to enjoy in these social media accounts that celebrate the grape.

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Image: Couple Looking at Bottle of Wine in Shop

How to Choose Wine: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Bottle

Your wine store staff knows their inventory inside and out. They’re your allies in finding a bottle you’ll love based on your tastes and preferences.

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Image: decanter, corkscrew, bottle and glass wine

5 Best Wine Accessories for Your Bar: Pick the Right Corkscrew, Decanter, Chiller and More

As you invest in your wine collection, you should also invest in these important accessories to open, serve and store your wine.

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Image: Closeup of wine bottle and cork

How to Keep Wine Fresh: Tips to Store Open Bottles

It’s a dilemma that strikes every wine lover at some point or another: What do you do with that leftover wine? Perhaps it’s the remnants of last night’s get-together or what remains from a bottle you opened for that special recipe. Whatever the reason, there are a host of solutions and wine preservers to help [...]

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