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5 Best Wine Accessories for Your Bar: Pick the Right Corkscrew, Decanter, Chiller and More

As you invest in your wine collection, you should also invest in these important accessories to open, serve and store your wine.

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Image: Red Wine Splashing into Wine Glass

How to Pour a Perfect Glass of Wine

There’s more to pouring wine than unscrewing the cap and tipping the bottle. Follow these tips for the perfect pour.

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No Ordinary Corkscrew: The Simple Origins of the Beloved Laguiole

Did you know that the high-end corkscrew preferred by professional sommeliers started as a simple farmer’s knife? Learn more about how these corkscrews evolved.

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The Cork and the Corkscrew: A Prodigious Pair

Ever since glass-blowing technology allowed humans to begin storing wine in glass bottles (as opposed to terracotta amphoras and wooden barrels), they have been sealed with cork to safely age. Even with the invention of the screwtop, or Stelvin, closure, most tend to prefer the traditional “pop” of a cork when opening a bottle of […]

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Laguiole: The French Knife with a Bee

A Farmer’s Tool What once started as a simple farmer’s knife is now one of the most sought-after urban tools—and status symbol—to ever come out of France. The name Laguiole (pronounced, lah-yole), comes from a village in the middle of the Aveyron region of France, where the original knives were first made in 1829 by […]

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