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Stemless vs. Stemmed Wine Glasses: Which Glassware is Right for You?

Is stemmed better than stemless? Maybe, but maybe not. Here’s when you should choose one over the other.

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Image: Various beer glasses and beer bottles

The Best Beer Glasses for Your Brews

If you’ve been drinking all your beer out of pint glasses or straight out of the bottle, you’re missing out on the best flavors and aromas.

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Image: Red Wine Splashing into Wine Glass

How to Pour a Perfect Glass of Wine

There’s more to pouring wine than unscrewing the cap and tipping the bottle. Follow these tips for the perfect pour.

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Impress Your Guests with the Right Wine Glasses for the Occasion

Whether you need the right stemware for an intimate dinner party or just want to upgrade your everyday wine glasses, follow this guide to select the best stemware.

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How It’s Made: Hand-Etching Personalized Messages on Decanters and Stemware

Take a look at the IWA in-house state of the art etching facility to see first hand how stemware and decanters are hand-etched by highly trained craftsmen and women.

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