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Building a Home Wine Cellar: 6 Questions to Ask While Planning Your Space

A custom wine cellar designer and builder shares his advice for collectors who are in the planning stages of building in-home wine cellars.

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Image: Wine bottles laying in storage rack

Starting a Wine Collection: 10 Expert Tips for Buying and Storing Your First Bottles

Many collectors grow their wine collections without purpose, buying the wines they know and love until they run out of space. Unfortunately, this approach may result in disappointment as lifestyles change and tastes evolve over the long term. A better approach is to create and follow a plan that will serve your wine lifestyle, answer […]

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CellarPro Cooling Unit Installation Example: Michael D.

Michael D. from Arizona just sent us some photos of his new wine cellar, which includes a CellarPro 4200VSi cooling unit.  Here’s what he had to say: Thought you would like to see the results of our install of the items. The unit resides in the garage and the HVAC installer enclosed the flex in […]

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Contractor or Builder Installing a Wine Cellar? We Can Help

If you’re a contractor or builder working on a residential or commercial cellar project, we can help you by taking the guesswork out of cellar performance.

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Wine Cellar: Why Is There No Condensate in the Drain Line?

We talk to wine cellar owners daily and some of the topics are questions that come up on a regular basis. This is a popular question on why the your wine cellar cooling unit may not have any condensation visible in the drain line. Q: I have not seen any condensation coming out of the […]

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