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Contractor or Builder Installing a Wine Cellar? We Can Help

If you’re a contractor or builder working on a residential or commercial cellar project, we can help you by taking the guesswork out of cellar performance.

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Your IWA Wine Cellar Could Be Featured on Our Blog

One of the best things about having a custom wine rack or wine cellar is showing it off to your guests. Now you can inspire more wine enthusiasts by submitting your story and photos to be featured on our blog. Fill out the submission form here and send your photos to To get inspired, check [...]

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Image: Woman at Grocery store examining wine labels

Savor Now or Later? Which Wines to Store, and Which to Drink Now

Some wines are best enjoyed young, while others need time to reveal their true potential. Learn which wines to drink now, and which bottles to save for later.

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Image: Sitting Room with Clear Door Displaying Wine Cellar

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Cellar Door

Your wine cellar door is more than just decor. It’s an important part of construction that will protect your collection and maintain the integrity of your cellar.

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How to Control Humidity In Your Wine Cellar

Humidity control can be a concern for your wine cellar and we get some great questions asking about this feature of our CellarPro Cooling Units. This answer covers the details outlined on the CellarPro Wine Cooling Units Adjustable Humidity Control Performance Chart. Q: You say that this item has a humidity control, but in the picture [...]

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