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Image: Stacked oak wine barrels in winery cellar

History of Wine: The Evolution of Wine Storage Vessels Throughout the Ages

What does your sleek wine cabinet have to do with rural winemakers from thousands of years ago? Turns out, it’s a lot more than you think.

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Image: Case of Red Wine Bottles

Wine Storage 101: How to Pick the Right Cabinet, Cellar or Cooler for Your Collection

Should you get a wine cabinet or go with a custom cellar? Learn how to shop for the right storage for your wine collection.

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Image: Woman at Grocery store examining wine labels

Savor Now or Later? Which Wines to Store, and Which to Drink Now

Some wines are best enjoyed young, while others need time to reveal their true potential. Learn which wines to drink now, and which bottles to save for later.

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Image: Wine Cabinet in a Home

Wine Storage Cabinets: What to Know Before You Buy

A wine cabinet is more than just a fancy piece of furniture to store your wine. These advanced cooling units protect your collection from environmental changes that could harm your treasures.

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Photo of various sizes of wine bottles

5 Simple Storage Solutions for Large-Format Wine Bottles

As your collection grows, magnum bottles can become a problem of epic proportions. Since they don’t fit on your rack, these bottles can end up on the floor or hidden away from view.

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