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Image: Couple Looking at Bottle of Wine in Shop

How to Choose Wine: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Bottle

Your wine store staff knows their inventory inside and out. They’re your allies in finding a bottle you’ll love based on your tastes and preferences.

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To Aerate or Not, That is the Question

In a previous post we explained how oxygen is detrimental to wine, with only a few exceptions.  Once wine is in the bottle or in your glass, extensive exposure to air can eventually “oxidize” the wine resulting in a chemical compound called acetaldehyde, which smells like rotten apples in large amounts, and further into acetic […]

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The Cork and the Corkscrew: A Prodigious Pair

Ever since glass-blowing technology allowed humans to begin storing wine in glass bottles (as opposed to terracotta amphoras and wooden barrels), they have been sealed with cork to safely age. Even with the invention of the screwtop, or Stelvin, closure, most tend to prefer the traditional “pop” of a cork when opening a bottle of […]

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