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What’s the Advantage of Being In Wine Country?

Well, it’s the wine, of course. And with all the great wine produced in this area, it only makes sense that we also offer wine for sale so you can make use of all those accessories. Did you know we sell wine? But not just any wine; these are wines produced with exceptional care by […]

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The One Glass: changing glassware one customer at a time

Right here in the heart of Northern California’s wine country, a group of food and wine aficionados meet monthly to share the fantastic cooking of DL Catering, along with great local wine. Combine great food, great wine, and a diverse mix of people, and we have the perfect setting to demonstrate The One Glass and […]

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I’ve a feeling we’re not in Texas anymore…

Welcome to the new IWA blog. Hi, I’m Eric and I’ll be your waiter, er, writer this evening. Would you like to hear the specials tonight? But seriously, I will be writing for this blog and, in true gadget guy fashion, I hope to introduce you to some cool new wine gadgets and all the […]

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