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Image: Champagne flutes with valentine's day decorations

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Just the Right Bubbly

Impress your date — or your friends — with our tips on picking the right bottle of bubbly, popping the cork like a pro and sipping from the perfect glass.

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Image: Two Champagne Flutes and Ribbon

Plan the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party (with Bubbly, of Course)

Selecting the right Champagne is only part of planning a successful New Year’s party. Ring in the New Year smoothly and fashionably by following our tips.

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Champagne is Bubbling Again. Let’s Pop Some Corks!

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal says Champagne is “bubbling again” which is music to the ears of bubble hounds around the globe.  We love the fizz here at IWA, of course, as it is an integral part of the rich and cultured wine country lifestyle we all embrace.  While most known as […]

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How NOT to open Champagne for the holidays

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. (Can you believe it; it’s almost 2010.) And we all know that New Year’s Eve is synonymous with Champagne and sparkling wine. But do you know the proper way to open and serve sparkling wine? No worries, because I just produced this video to help you open […]

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Best-Selling Gifts for Every Budget

There’s now two weeks till Christmas. Are you finished with your shopping? If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, I’d like to offer a few suggestions that will make the recipient stop and say, “WOW,” while staying within your budget. What budget? If the sky is the limit and you really want to […]

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