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The Cork and the Corkscrew: A Prodigious Pair

Ever since glass-blowing technology allowed humans to begin storing wine in glass bottles (as opposed to terracotta amphoras and wooden barrels), they have been sealed with cork to safely age. Even with the invention of the screwtop, or Stelvin, closure, most tend to prefer the traditional “pop” of a cork when opening a bottle of […]

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Why Decant?

In some circles, decanting wine is a controversial subject. Should you decant wine? Does it enhance the wine? What do experts recommend? Let’s begin with two examples of when you should decant a wine. A great opportunity to decant is with young wines, especially big, bold reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo or Zinfandel. These […]

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Best-Selling Gifts for Every Budget

There’s now two weeks till Christmas. Are you finished with your shopping? If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, I’d like to offer a few suggestions that will make the recipient stop and say, “WOW,” while staying within your budget. What budget? If the sky is the limit and you really want to […]

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