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Image: 2 Bottles of Champagne in Ice Bucket

The Best Temperatures for Storing and Serving Wine

Temperature truly matters, both when storing your wine and serving it. Too hot and your wine has a “cooked” flavor; too cold and you lose the flavor.

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Image: Case of Red Wine Bottles

Wine Storage 101: How to Pick the Right Cabinet, Cellar or Cooler for Your Collection

Should you get a wine cabinet or go with a custom cellar? Learn how to shop for the right storage for your wine collection.

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Image: Sitting Room with Clear Door Displaying Wine Cellar

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Cellar Door

Your wine cellar door is more than just decor. It’s an important part of construction that will protect your collection and maintain the integrity of your cellar.

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Image: Woman Texting and Drinking Wine

6 Free Wine Apps for Enthusiasts, From Newbies to Seasoned Sippers

If you need a bottle recommendation for a friend’s dinner party, want to explore more of what you like, or are looking for wine events around town, there’s an app for that.

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Photo of various sizes of wine bottles

5 Simple Storage Solutions for Large-Format Wine Bottles

As your collection grows, magnum bottles can become a problem of epic proportions. Since they don’t fit on your rack, these bottles can end up on the floor or hidden away from view.

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