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Images: Image: Various bottles and glasses of wine

Wine Storage Ideas for Bottles of All Shapes and Sizes

If you’re a serious wine collector, it’s likely you have several bottles of various sizes. Here are a few storage recommendations for those problematic bottle sizes.

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Image: Case of Red Wine Bottles

Wine Storage 101: How to Pick the Right Cabinet, Cellar or Cooler for Your Collection

Should you get a wine cabinet or go with a custom cellar? Learn how to shop for the right storage for your wine collection.

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Image: Woman at Grocery store examining wine labels

Savor Now or Later? Which Wines to Store, and Which to Drink Now

Some wines are best enjoyed young, while others need time to reveal their true potential. Learn which wines to drink now, and which bottles to save for later.

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Play It Cool, Boy: A Refresher in Wine Storage

Wine is not just a liquid beverage, a SKU or a status symbol.  It’s a living thing.  It is constantly changing since the days of the fruit hanging on the vine dealing with the earthly elements, through the winemaking experience as well as the barrel aging process.  Now you hold it in your hands while […]

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Help Wine Reach Nirvana

The Chinese believe that a bottle of wine has a finite amount of “energy” and many believe wine is a living thing with a soul.  Unfortunately, much like every living being on this planet, wine will eventually decline and have lost its reason for being, to bring you joy.  But when?  Indeed, that is the […]

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