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Image: decanter, corkscrew, bottle and glass wine

5 Best Wine Accessories for Your Bar: Pick the Right Corkscrew, Decanter, Chiller and More

As you invest in your wine collection, you should also invest in these important accessories to open, serve and store your wine.

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Image: Table of full champagne glasses with people in background

Wine for a Wedding or Party: How to Choose, Buy & Serve It

When it comes to serving wine for a large group, do you wish you had an event-planning checklist? Here’s everything you need to know about choosing, buying and serving wine at your next event.

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Image: Various beer glasses and beer bottles

The Best Beer Glasses for Your Brews

If you’ve been drinking all your beer out of pint glasses or straight out of the bottle, you’re missing out on the best flavors and aromas.

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Image: Man Drinking Wine and Reading Book by Fire

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bookish Wine Lovers

Does that someone special love books and wine? No problem! Check out our round-up of books for all types, no matter what their interests are.

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IWA Announces Acquisition of WineKeeper

International Wine Accessories Parent Announces Acquisition of WineKeeper to Create Leading Provider of Wine Storage Products and Accessories.

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