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Image: Stacked oak wine barrels in winery cellar

History of Wine: The Evolution of Wine Storage Vessels Throughout the Ages

What does your sleek wine cabinet have to do with rural winemakers from thousands of years ago? Turns out, it’s a lot more than you think.

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Images: Image: Various bottles and glasses of wine

Wine Storage Ideas for Bottles of All Shapes and Sizes

If you’re a serious wine collector, it’s likely you have several bottles of various sizes. Here are a few storage recommendations for those problematic bottle sizes.

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Wine Cellar: Why Is There No Condensate in the Drain Line?

We talk to wine cellar owners daily and some of the topics are questions that come up on a regular basis. This is a popular question on why the your wine cellar cooling unit may not have any condensation visible in the drain line. Q: I have not seen any condensation coming out of the […]

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Image: Closeup of wine bottle and cork

How to Keep Wine Fresh: Tips to Store Open Bottles

It’s a dilemma that strikes every wine lover at some point or another: What do you do with that leftover wine? Perhaps it’s the remnants of last night’s get-together or what remains from a bottle you opened for that special recipe. Whatever the reason, there are a host of solutions and wine preservers to help […]

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Image: 2 Bottles of Champagne in Ice Bucket

The Best Temperatures for Storing and Serving Wine

Temperature truly matters, both when storing your wine and serving it. Too hot and your wine has a “cooked” flavor; too cold and you lose the flavor.

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