Drink Recipe: How to Make the Best Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby drink of choice, mint juleps are a refreshing drink for summer. Individual tastes differ, use this recipe as a base and experiment with the proportions. Increase the bourbon or vigorously crush the mint for a more robust drink.

There are two basic methods for creating a mint julep: infused or muddled. When planning a party, infused can be created in greater quantities for an easy ready to serve mix for large groups. When in a hurry, muddled is best.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Fresh Spearmint, Kentucky Bourbon, Crushed Ice

Garnishes can include summer fruits such as peaches and raspberries to vary the flavor.

Mint Julep Cups
Mint Julep Cups

The cups are traditionally stainless steel with a decorative rim. IWA’s mint julep cups are durable and attractive, hand-made for a unique feel.

 Infused Mint Julep

  1. Create Simple Syrup
    – Boil equal parts sugar and water for 5 minutes, let cool (2-3 cups each is suggested)
    – Add cooled simple syrup to a container with top that can be sealed, and mix in 5-6 fresh mint leaves
    – Refrigerate overnight
  2. Mix Julep
    – Chill mint julep cups
    – Fill cups with crushed ice
    – Add 1 tablespoon infused simple syrup
    – Add 3 oz Kentucky Bourbon
    – Stir rapidly with a spoon until the outside of the cup is frosted
    – Garnish with spearmint and serve

mint-julep-mintMuddled Mint Julep

  1. Prepare Cup
    – Chill mint julep cups
  2. Muddling
    – Add 5 mint leaves with 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar at bottom of cup
    – Gently crush with muddler
  3. Mix Julep
    – Add crushed ice into cup
    – Pour in 3 oz Kentucky Bourbon
    – Stir rapidly with a spoon until the outside of the cup is frosted

International Wine Accessories carries other stainless tumblers that can be used for mint juleps. The Tuscan Tumblers striped and hammered cups are hand-made, keeping drinks cold while the hourglass shape fits well in your hand. Looking for a more dramatic presentation? Try the Noir Martini Glasses.

tuscan-stainless-tumblers-striped-set-of-4_20  tuscan-stainless-tumblers-hammered-set-of-4_20

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