Custom Wine Room Cooling Units

CellarPro Cooling Units
CellarPro cooling units

Your wine cellar deserves the best in cooling units that are high performance and technologically advanced, to maintain ideal temperature and humidity for ideal wine storage cooling. CellarPro, the leading brand of cooling units, has handy first-time buyer guides under their Learning Center to get started. View examples of cellar installations and their commonly purchased units below.

CellarPro 3000S Wine Cellar

CellarPro Split System 3000S Used in a Fine Art Interiors wine cellar

CellarPro 1800 wine cellar

CellarPro 1800 Cooling Unit with and without a decorative wood grill covering it

CellarPro VS wine cellar

CellarPro VS Cooling Unit mounted in a traditional wood wine cellar

CellarPro Air Handler wine cellar

CellarPro Air Handler 6500 used in this stunning IWA Design Center modern wine cellar.

For more wine cellar inspiration, visit this Project Gallery


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  1. Wow. these are great ideas for enterprise winery or even enterprise wine shops. This looks to be very expensive to be in the house.
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