Holiday Wine Themed Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Holidays and numbers go together: 12 days of Christmas; 9 reindeer, 8 days of Hanukkah, 12th Night, Whoa! December’s got more one-off holidays than a bowl of mixed nuts: Kwanzaa; St. Lucia Day; Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe; Boxing Day; Ōmisoka; Saturnalia; Hogmanay; and Yule! I’m not even counting the smaller holidays, such as “Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day” and “Festivus for the Rest-of-us”.

That’s a lot of gifts to cover. The good news? More reasons (or excuses) to stock up with great small gifts from IWA! Make this season brighter for everyone on your list and a few new ones: buy in bulk to bust those stockings without breaking the bank! Just don’t wait until December 31, “Make Up Your Mind Day” or the partridge may have already ditched the pear tree… Hurry to today!

IWA Exclusive Item!  Denotes an IWA Exclusive!

Wine Opening / Cork Management

Take the work out of cork removal—this option is great for people who ‘recoil’ at traditional corkscrews: Cork Pops – Simply insert the needle through the cork, press the top, voila! Cork released!

After removal, put corks to work with cork kits to make useful bulletin board or trivet kit. (Pre-assemble on December 8, “Make a Gift Day” to give as gifts!) Need more corks? We sell those, too.

If DIY’s not your thing, stash used corks out-of-the-way in decorative, useful, conversation-starter Cork Cages or Cork Catcher Boxes or fill ‘em to gift to a crafty friend instead!

Next you’ll need somewhere to put your wine between sips: IWA Exclusive Item! Personalized Coasters are made from distressed, naturally-absorbent sandstone. An impressive gift! Order by 12/9.

Cork Cage Ornaments

Convenient Wine-Saving Ideas

Save partial bottles using any of these cost-effective, minimal-footprint options that work great. (I’ve seen them at our favorite restaurants and bars.)

Personalized Recycled Barrel Lazy Susan
Personalized Recycled Barrel Lazy Susan

Vacuum Bottle Stoppers – A sleek combination bottle stopper/ vacuum pump keeps bottles fresh up to 10 days. And the ol’ standby, Private Preserve prevents air from oxidizing opened wine bottles with a quick spray of inert nitrogen. Protects up to 120 bottles.


Fun Dining Combo

Personalized Lazy Susan with Salt & Pepper Shakers! The generous 18” lazy susan is handcrafted of the highest-quality oak with an outer iron rim reminiscent of a wine barrel head. It is personalized with a surname, year, and location. Order by 11/29 – And don’t forget to tack on a set of our whimsical, inexpensive 4” glass salt and pepper shakers shaped like a wine bottle and glass. (Salt and pepper not included—add your own premium picks for a complete gift package!)

Mini Personalized Oak Barrels
Mini Personalized Oak Barrels

For Connoisseurs (Top Hat Not Included)

The Ultimate Pewter Funnel features a deep mesh screen and 5 soft-launch openings at its base to achieve maximum gentle aeration and sediment removal without bruising. One screen included.

IWA Exclusive Item! Personalized Wine Carrier of solid wood is beautifully crafted from recycled wood, with metal handles and a center divider to safely transport and display up to 8 bottles of wine. Personalize with anniversaries and special dates. Order by 12/9 (Blow their minds and fill it with their favorite wine or miniature gifts in each slot!)

Coravin Wine Access Systems Taste wine from a sealed bottle without pulling the cork or disturbing the wine’s natural aging process. Multiple systems available.

Unique, Sure-to-Please Small Gifts for Hosts or Stocking Stuffers

Wine Charms Sparkling stylish charms use powerful magnets to attach to all glasses. Convert your own photos into mini-charms with The Selfie ones!

Le Creuset Foilcutter Four wheels = a ‘cut’ above the rest. The Black Nickel comes in a black gift box.

Sparq Wine Pearls or Whisky Stones – No more embarrassing ice-cube-in-your-drink moments! Simply freeze and pop flavorless stainless steel drops into a glass of wine, bubbly, even a delicate martini! And same goes for the stones: freeze a few hours, and get ready to chill your drink without diluting it.

Le Creuset Waiter’s Corkscrew – No such thing as ‘too many wine openers’! This patented little number is sure to be a quality gift that will be put to good use by anyone who drinks wine.

Bottle Tags Another staple that almost everyone with a wine fridge or cellar can use! Hang tags i.d. wine bottles without having to constantly shuffle your bottles around to see what they are.

And While You’re At It…

Dress up your gifts with these quirky wine bottle gift tags & bags. Also, carry them around with you for last-minute gifting emergencies! And for extra-special gifts, (or extra-special wines), use Cork Cage Ornaments as gift tag-décor or holiday décor. Recipients will enjoy saving a special cork and decorating their tree, table settings, or bottles of wine with them. Or gift yourself a set instead!

(Holy drummers drumming, Santa! That was a full plate o’ holiday treats!)


About the Author: Lori Stevens is a former wine magazine food editor who has worked in multiple wineries and traveled throughout many of the world’s wine-producing regions. She currently lives in Seattle. Bottoms up!