Merino Wool Felt Wine & Bar Accessories

Felt drink coasters
Graf Lantz Square Ocean Coasters

Vibrant and stain resistant, merino wool is a natural choice for coasters and glass markers. Bavaria has been using it to protect surfaces from drink spills since the late 19th century, affectionately calling it “bierfilzl” (beer felt). The absorbent wool structure includes lanolin and keratin, which have antibacterial and odor resistant qualities. Fibers draw moisture into its core, keeping surfaces dry and preventing spillage.

Have you seen fuzzy lint balls on older pieces of wool? The phenomena is called pilling, which is caused by smaller fibers gathering on the surface of fabric. Merino’s denser properties are more resilient, and it has fewer issues with pilling than the average wool.

Our accessories are made in the USA from high quality German wool in a variety of earth-tone and rainbow inspired colors, including coaster sets and wine glass markers.

Felt Wine Markers
Graf Lantz Wine Glass Markers

Spot cleaning is simple – water and soap will remove most stains, or they can be briefly soaked in warm water. Lightly massage the stain and sponge the area, then rinse with fresh water. For removing dust or minor pilling, an adhesive lint roller will work best. If a wine accessory has outlived its usefulness, the material is biodegradable and can be recycled. Using a fabric shaver, like Evercare, make a few passes over the felt to help the fibers retain their bright pigmentation and postpone fading and obvious wear.

Inspired by traditional accessories with contemporary flair, Merino wool will add color to celebrations, while protecting your furniture and home.