Top 5 Phone Apps for Wine Lovers

There are dozens of wine apps for your phone that will help you choose a wine, find wine and food pairings, manage your wine collection, and learn new things about your favorite beverage.

Below is a review of the top five popular mobile applications for wine enthusiasts, compiled by IWA, your source for wine accessories and glasses.


Vivino Wine Phone App

One of the most popular apps, Vivino covers more than 6 million wines from around the world. It is convenient, useful and versatile, catering from beginners to specialists. The app helps you choose a wine based on preferences, keeping in mind what price levels to draw from. They have daily picks from the editor, best rated wines of the week and suggestions based on bottles that you have scanned.

If you take a photo of any bottle, Vivino will find its rating, reviews, price, and details that may not be present on a cramped wine label. With this app in hand, cruise through the shelves of a wine shop or restaurant wine list with ease, comparing options. When you are ready to open a bottle at home, scan it to find the best food pairing to prepare.

A premium account activates additional information from experts and comparison data. Once you have tasted a particular wine, add your review for others to reference, or keep it as a diary to record your personal tasting notes. For a relatively low fee, this is a wonderful way to record your wine collection while becoming part of a community.


Hello Vino Wine Phone App

Perhaps the most convenient app for selecting wine, you can choose from a wide range of situations to find the perfect bottle, such as taste preferences, a specific food dish, holiday, or event. After the app asks several clarifying questions, it will recommend a suitable wine with a list of places where it can be purchased.

Recommended wine listings include tasting notes and food pairings. Submit a quick form through the app to order the wine through their concierge service. If you are fond of a particular varietal, go straight to the “Guide” area to peruse the offerings. Wines can be added to a wishlist for ordering later.

Use their “Food & Wine” search when planning a meal. Select the type of food (such as cream based asparagus soup) and a list of recommended pairings will appear.

“Snobby is not allowed” the app description suggests. Hello Vino is designed for ordinary people who love wine, rather than professional critics and sommeliers. It has been noted as the best wine app by the New York Times and is a good choice for quick wine selections, even though it is fairly limited.


Delectable Wine Phone App

This virtual diary and social conversation about wine is an easy-to-use app. Photograph your wine bottle and add information, then watch the comments and reviews unfold.

Although it is not the best way to sort through and find wines to try, it is a vast network of wine enthusiasts who enjoy discussing their interest in vino. It is similar to other social media platforms; notifications appear when you are mentioned and you can start conversations about specific wines.

A premium subscription adds perspectives from world renowned wine critics like Antonio Galloni and Stephen Tanzer who may respond directly to your inquiries. It also removes all advertisements for a monthly fee.

The search tool requires specific keywords; there is no guided search available. If you are looking for a specific winery or type of wine, it can be useful and includes an extensive database of wines that users have added. It can also be filtered by price.


Cellar Tracker Wine Phone App

This app is an excellent tool for those who are seriously interested in wine. Organize your wine collection and quickly find where specific bottles are located using Cellar Tracker. It can even assess your collection.

The app allows you to scan barcodes and UPCs, search for information about popular wines, take notes, rate and publish your reviews. Most of the wine listings are detailed, well-written and professional.


Wine Searcher Wine Phone App

This service will help you find wine, beer, whisky, bourbon, brandy, gin, rum and tequila. You can either manually enter the wine or scan its bottle label to activate the search database.

It offers scattered options, even for well-known wineries, and is not well-organized or informative. What Wine Searcher offers that is different from other apps is a clear list of where to purchase the wine. You can see pricing, where to buy it, and instantly contact the wine shop from within the app. If it is near your location, there is a handy map and directions, in case you want to drive straight over!

This app is best for when you already know the wine that you want to purchase, and are looking for easy comparative shopping options.


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