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How to Read French Wine Labels to Select a Quality Bottle

Learning how to read French wine labels will not only help you pick a quality bottle, but also understand exactly which grapes are inside and which region it comes from. ...

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Why Fruit Wines Have Started to Appeal to Advanced Drinkers

Think fruit wines are too sweet and just for beginners? Think again. More wineries are producing drier varieties of these non-grape wines.

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6 Great Wine Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Year after year, finding that perfect gift proves to be a difficult challenge. Whether you’re searching for a gift for your boss, mother-in-law or significant other who loves wine, it’s ...

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Coravin wine opener preserver and storage

The Coravin: The Perfect Gift for the Wine Lover Who Has Everything

Have you ever opened a prized bottle only to realize it might ...
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Why More Restaurants Are Serving Wine on Tap

Serving wine on tap greatly reduces costs and waste from spoilage. One ...

Planning to Visit a Tasting Room? 5 Tips for a Great Winery Experience

When you visit a tasting room, here’s how to best expand your ...

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8 Wine Gadgets You’ll Want to Have for Your Bar This Holiday Season

The market is flooded with wine gadgets and accessories. With a wide array of low-tech, high-tech, practical and novelty items, it can be hard to decide which ones you truly want on your bar. That’s partly because wine gadgets are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on what types of varietals you enjoy and how frequently you drink […]

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Building a Home Wine Cellar: 6 Questions to Ask While Planning Your Space

A custom wine cellar designer and builder shares his advice for collectors who are in the planning stages of building in-home wine cellars.

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5 Gifts Your Craft Beer Drinker Will Love

From the Sunday tailgater to the hop aficionado, check out these unique gifts for that special beer lover.

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Image: Man Serving Champagne to Guests at Dinner Party

Hosting a Dinner Party: How to Choose and Serve Your Wine

When inviting friends and colleagues into your home for dinner, follow these wine etiquette tips to impress your guests.

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The Best Wine Openers: How to Pick the Right Corkscrew for Your Bar

What’s the best wine opener on the market? It depends on your needs and your wine drinking style.

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